Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Spirit at St. Marys!

I think we went out with a bang today at St. Mary's with the Christmas theme and everyone dressed up made the kids really excited for the games that we had in store for them as well as the Christmas season. The Powerful Poptarts were with Pre K which I was thrilled about because we started with this group and were with them for the first few weeks and I feel that I definitely bonded with these students the most. We started in the classroom and played with the kids while they colored and drew Christmas pictures. Then we had story time and once we got everyone to sit criss cross apple sause they listened and were really into the two Christmas stories. After they had snack we prepared an obsticle course in the gym which we made Christmas themed and I think it went well but also could have been executed more smoothly. I think we ended our time at St. Mary's on a really good note and I learned a lot from this experience. I learned things that would be difficult to learn in a classroom of my peers such as the short attention spans of the students, being loud and convicting with your words, being goofy to get on the same level as the kids, and finally to always be encouraging to the kids.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gobble Gobble

This week in lab the Powerful Poptarts helped the St. Mary's students improve their basketball skills including chest and bounces passing, dribbling, and shooting; we also worked with them on kicking. I noticed a range of skill levels and the boys were significantly more confident in their skills than many of the girls. During the Muk game two girls were partners and one of them was very hesitant to even participate because she didn't think she was a goo dribbler and when she did give it a try her partner was very discouraging and yelling at her to look up and insisting that she was doing it wrong. So I separated the girls and worked with the less skilled one and told her it was okay to look at the ground at first and then I had her try with her left hand. I was very encouraging and by the end of the task she seemed a little more confident in her abilities. I worked on kicking/passing with one of the boys and then I had him trapping the ball to make his kicks more accurate and I think it was helpful for him. At the end jumproping was got the attention of many of the young girls, I was surprised at the tricks they could do like touching the floor and double dutch. We wrapped things up with the turkey dance to get the students excited for Thanksgiving and I think we were successful.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Today was Lab 3 Halloween theme at St. Mary's and me and my fellow Powerful Poptarts were with the First Grade students in the gymnasium. We found out rather quickly that coming prepared with only two games for them to play wasn't nearly enough. They were extra hyper today and their attention spans were very short and some students refused to participate at all. I think if it hadn't been raining all day and they had been able to go outside and stretch their legs earlier in the day and if they weren't anticipating Halloween then they would have been more cooperative and easy to please. We had them play Find Your Partner and Magic Carpet, and made sure to incorporate leaping, horizontal jumping, and sliding into both games. I noticed that Find Your Partner lasted longer and was more successful, perhaps because that was the first game they played and they were less restless and distracted with everything going on around them.
The lab did end on a good note because we played the Parachute Game and the kids absolutely loved it. I plan to come more prepared for next weeks lab and hopefully it will show through the kids attitudes and behaviors.

PE Hall of Shame Rebutle

I would like to defend the induction of Line Soccer into the P.E. Hall of Shame. There are variations to line soccer that can allow a significant amount of participation time, enhance the skill level of students, both of which while creating a more exciting game and at the same time not embarassing certain lesser skilled students. I call my variation Line Soccer to the Max! and the equipment necesarry is a bag of 5-10 soccer balls depending on the number of students in each class. Instead of only having two players activley participating at once, everyone is participating in one way or another. First each player is given a number and if the teacher calls it out they run into the middle and play 1 on 1 with the person with their same number from the other sideline the goal being to score a goal. After everyone is given a number the players on the 2 sidelines each get a partner(from their same sideline) and then Line Soccer to the Max may begin. A number is called and everyone left on the sidelines are passing back and forth to their partner while constantly staying on their toes. And if their is an odd number of people the student leftover works on their skills individually by doing toe touches alternating on top of the ball and side to side. This will greatly increase participation time while honing their skills and it will take the pressure off the two people in the center competing because they will know that everyone's eyes aren't on them at all times. Also to take the pressure off the center players their is a student on either sideline running up and down the field to help the offensive player by recieving a pass from them and allowing them to reposition themself and get open again and be better able to score a goal. This will help improve the students skills because it expands the focus from simply dribbling the ball to goal (which can easily be done if you are faster than your opponent and thus gives one player an unfair advantage) to passing which incorporates team work and forces them to keep their head up and after passing to look for open spaces on the field. Furthermore this variation will create a bigger picture for the students, a more entising game to excite the students, and it directly relates to restoring physical fitness.
I do however agree that when Line Soccer is being played in a Physical Education setting that allows minimul participation time, possible embarassment of students, and potential safety risks that it is in fact inappropriate.

Batman Returns!

I think the superheroes theme was a great way to connect with the St. Mary's students on a new and more imaginative way. Their eyes lit up when they saw some of the costumes we had on and they were eager to participate in the activities we had in store for them. I think dressing up and relating to their animated personalities was a great way to engage them in the activities and holding their attention for longer. My lab group had the Pre K students playing the Zanny Zoo Game and we incorporated the superhero theme into the task by telling them that we were running a top secret superhero training camp and this activity would transform them into the best superheroes in the world! And overall I think the activity went pretty well, the students stayed on task for the most part and only a select few stopped playing after a little while.
I think it's going to be hard to beat the level of excitement the kids were at from the superhero theme, but the Halloween theme is next so we can try our best!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lab 1 Reflection

My group worked with the St. Mary's Pre K students which I found to be fun, yet challenging due to their extremely short attention spans and their beginner level skill abilities. It was fun interacting with them in the classroom and watch their imaginations take over. The girls liked making things out of the play dough and the boys were being creative while building leggos. Certain tasks kept them entertained longer than others, such as coloring and drawing pictures and putting together puzzle after puzzle.
I thought it was more difficult to keep them under control in the gym setting because they would challenge us when we would give them a game to play. The boys were more easy going and willing to play the games because they appealed to their competitive nature while some of the girls played over in the corners.
I'm looking forward to next weeks lab and being able to compare some of the older students abilities with the Pre K students.