Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Batman Returns!

I think the superheroes theme was a great way to connect with the St. Mary's students on a new and more imaginative way. Their eyes lit up when they saw some of the costumes we had on and they were eager to participate in the activities we had in store for them. I think dressing up and relating to their animated personalities was a great way to engage them in the activities and holding their attention for longer. My lab group had the Pre K students playing the Zanny Zoo Game and we incorporated the superhero theme into the task by telling them that we were running a top secret superhero training camp and this activity would transform them into the best superheroes in the world! And overall I think the activity went pretty well, the students stayed on task for the most part and only a select few stopped playing after a little while.
I think it's going to be hard to beat the level of excitement the kids were at from the superhero theme, but the Halloween theme is next so we can try our best!

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  1. Anytime you can dress up for a teaching experience or lesson it will make it a hundred times better! By doing so, you allow the kid's imaginations to run wild and they can pretty much do anything within the theme you give them.

    Outside on the playground is great for the Pre-K. They love to bounce around the different equipment and juect run around and be wacky. Sometimes, they enjoy it even more than their time in the gymnasium. The fresh air is good for them and any activity can be dreamed up. Through this, we can be very creative.

    In the gym, you all did a great job with zainy zoo. The kids loved being told that they were being trained to become superheroes and that they would be able to do so at the zoo. The use of words and pictures on the cards allowed them to operate at their own level; a concept called teaching by invitation. And if they needed help, someone was always there to help them.

    You did an awesome job today, Mallory! Try adding some pictures from today to show what we did. Pictures to an amazing job in showing what we do as professionals!