Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lab 1 Reflection

My group worked with the St. Mary's Pre K students which I found to be fun, yet challenging due to their extremely short attention spans and their beginner level skill abilities. It was fun interacting with them in the classroom and watch their imaginations take over. The girls liked making things out of the play dough and the boys were being creative while building leggos. Certain tasks kept them entertained longer than others, such as coloring and drawing pictures and putting together puzzle after puzzle.
I thought it was more difficult to keep them under control in the gym setting because they would challenge us when we would give them a game to play. The boys were more easy going and willing to play the games because they appealed to their competitive nature while some of the girls played over in the corners.
I'm looking forward to next weeks lab and being able to compare some of the older students abilities with the Pre K students.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful first day at St. Mary's Mallory! Being placed in an environment in which you may be unfamiliar can be uncomfortable and confusing. However, you all did a great job adapting to it. Like I said, it went a lot smoother than my first lab last semester.

    The most interesting group to work with is the Pre-K. And having to begin your field experience with them can be quite overwhelming. I wanted you all to see if you could adapt to these possible scenarios so I sent you in without a briefing. And it went great! All of you were able to realize that the children loved to do anything and would play any game. This allowed you to be creative and develop unique games. Imagination is the key with younger children. They love stories that put them in a fun situation.

    Again, great job! It will only get easier as you continue along your path!