Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PE Hall of Shame Rebutle

I would like to defend the induction of Line Soccer into the P.E. Hall of Shame. There are variations to line soccer that can allow a significant amount of participation time, enhance the skill level of students, both of which while creating a more exciting game and at the same time not embarassing certain lesser skilled students. I call my variation Line Soccer to the Max! and the equipment necesarry is a bag of 5-10 soccer balls depending on the number of students in each class. Instead of only having two players activley participating at once, everyone is participating in one way or another. First each player is given a number and if the teacher calls it out they run into the middle and play 1 on 1 with the person with their same number from the other sideline the goal being to score a goal. After everyone is given a number the players on the 2 sidelines each get a partner(from their same sideline) and then Line Soccer to the Max may begin. A number is called and everyone left on the sidelines are passing back and forth to their partner while constantly staying on their toes. And if their is an odd number of people the student leftover works on their skills individually by doing toe touches alternating on top of the ball and side to side. This will greatly increase participation time while honing their skills and it will take the pressure off the two people in the center competing because they will know that everyone's eyes aren't on them at all times. Also to take the pressure off the center players their is a student on either sideline running up and down the field to help the offensive player by recieving a pass from them and allowing them to reposition themself and get open again and be better able to score a goal. This will help improve the students skills because it expands the focus from simply dribbling the ball to goal (which can easily be done if you are faster than your opponent and thus gives one player an unfair advantage) to passing which incorporates team work and forces them to keep their head up and after passing to look for open spaces on the field. Furthermore this variation will create a bigger picture for the students, a more entising game to excite the students, and it directly relates to restoring physical fitness.
I do however agree that when Line Soccer is being played in a Physical Education setting that allows minimul participation time, possible embarassment of students, and potential safety risks that it is in fact inappropriate.

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  1. Your concept of 'Line Soccer to the MAX!' sounds like an interesting modification to the already established game. In physical education class, we want to maximize participation of the students and leave no one sitting out. With this game, you have done that which is great to promoting physical fitness for all.

    While we cannot always removing winning and losing or embarassment from physical education class, it is good to do so when we can. In the high school level, it is not as much of an isssue as it is in the elementary level. There, if a child loses or is embarassed, they will no longer participate. Therefore it is good to make this modification when approprite.

    Very good support this cause, Mallory. As you continue through your physical education journey, it will become easier for you to notice problems with activities and work actively to fix them!