Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Today was Lab 3 Halloween theme at St. Mary's and me and my fellow Powerful Poptarts were with the First Grade students in the gymnasium. We found out rather quickly that coming prepared with only two games for them to play wasn't nearly enough. They were extra hyper today and their attention spans were very short and some students refused to participate at all. I think if it hadn't been raining all day and they had been able to go outside and stretch their legs earlier in the day and if they weren't anticipating Halloween then they would have been more cooperative and easy to please. We had them play Find Your Partner and Magic Carpet, and made sure to incorporate leaping, horizontal jumping, and sliding into both games. I noticed that Find Your Partner lasted longer and was more successful, perhaps because that was the first game they played and they were less restless and distracted with everything going on around them.
The lab did end on a good note because we played the Parachute Game and the kids absolutely loved it. I plan to come more prepared for next weeks lab and hopefully it will show through the kids attitudes and behaviors.


  1. Rain does wonders on kids. Have you been able to see our pictures and do you know how to add them to your blog? I think pictures will go a long ways to telling your story.

  2. Coming prepared with multiple activites and games is the key to success at St. Mary's. Like you said, the children grow tired of one activity rather quickly and want to move onto a new one. Rather than coming up with multiple games, you can come up with multiple variations of the same game. It keeps the activity fresh and most of the time the kids do not know that it is the same game.

    However, you games did go very well in the gym! Like you said, the rain kept them locked inside all day and made they crazy. When they got in the gym, all they wanted to do was run around and play and not listen to you. This comes to the problem where the children do not consider you an authority figure but rather a friend or older brother/sister. It is important to develop this relationship otherwise they won't listen.

    The cafeteria is a fun environment for the kids. Much like the Pre-K, they color and play Legos alongside more complicated games like checkers and board games. But they nonetheless have fun and you all make sure they stay active.

    Another great job at St. Mary's, Mal! Keep working hard and you'll see great strides in improvement in no time!