Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gobble Gobble

This week in lab the Powerful Poptarts helped the St. Mary's students improve their basketball skills including chest and bounces passing, dribbling, and shooting; we also worked with them on kicking. I noticed a range of skill levels and the boys were significantly more confident in their skills than many of the girls. During the Muk game two girls were partners and one of them was very hesitant to even participate because she didn't think she was a goo dribbler and when she did give it a try her partner was very discouraging and yelling at her to look up and insisting that she was doing it wrong. So I separated the girls and worked with the less skilled one and told her it was okay to look at the ground at first and then I had her try with her left hand. I was very encouraging and by the end of the task she seemed a little more confident in her abilities. I worked on kicking/passing with one of the boys and then I had him trapping the ball to make his kicks more accurate and I think it was helpful for him. At the end jumproping was got the attention of many of the young girls, I was surprised at the tricks they could do like touching the floor and double dutch. We wrapped things up with the turkey dance to get the students excited for Thanksgiving and I think we were successful.