Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Spirit at St. Marys!

I think we went out with a bang today at St. Mary's with the Christmas theme and everyone dressed up made the kids really excited for the games that we had in store for them as well as the Christmas season. The Powerful Poptarts were with Pre K which I was thrilled about because we started with this group and were with them for the first few weeks and I feel that I definitely bonded with these students the most. We started in the classroom and played with the kids while they colored and drew Christmas pictures. Then we had story time and once we got everyone to sit criss cross apple sause they listened and were really into the two Christmas stories. After they had snack we prepared an obsticle course in the gym which we made Christmas themed and I think it went well but also could have been executed more smoothly. I think we ended our time at St. Mary's on a really good note and I learned a lot from this experience. I learned things that would be difficult to learn in a classroom of my peers such as the short attention spans of the students, being loud and convicting with your words, being goofy to get on the same level as the kids, and finally to always be encouraging to the kids.

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